Recycled and
Remanufactured Pallets

Recycled and Remanufactured Pallets

Pinnacle Pallets offers recycled and remanufactured pallets in a variety of standard and custom sizes to meet our customers’ needs. 

We offer two grades of recycled pallets, as shown below, which are both sold as-is. Heat treatment services are available for both grades.

For remanufactured pallets, also known as “combo” pallets, we combine new material and recycled material to build the pallets. Just like our new pallets, combo pallets are designed to our customers’ exact specifications and demands.  

At Pinnacle Pallets, we recognize our customers’ needs may be wide and varied and we’ve aligned our product and service offerings to align with those needs.  

What recycled or remanufactured products may we locate or build for you today?

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