5 Reasons to Switch to Heat-Treated Pallets

Heat-Treated Pallets last longer, are less toxic than chemical alternatives, are more durable, and prevent insect infestation.

5 Reasons to Switch to Heat-Treated Pallets

The main reasons companies switch to using Heat-Treated Pallets is that they are:


1- Longer Lasting than Standard Pallets

Non-treated pallets are vulnerable to decay, leaving them with a shorter lifespan than their heat-treated counterparts. Heat treating safeguards against premature deterioration of your product’s integrity and shelf-life.


2- Less Toxic than Chemically Treated Pallets

Chemically treated pallets pose an ongoing threat to our environment because they release toxic chemicals and gas, even after disposal. Heat-treated pallets, on the other hand, offer a more sustainable option from production all the way through their end life cycle!


3- Approved for International Trade
Other pallets may not hold up or even get approved for international trade. Heat-treated pallets are the ideal solution for global commerce, as they do not contain any potentially harmful chemicals or bugs.


4- Lighter and More Durable than Standard Pallets
Heat-treated pallets are an ideal choice for clients who need pallets that are both lightweight and durable. This process of treatment removes moisture, allowing these pallets to withstand more trips than standard pallets.


5- Preventive Against Insect Infestation
One of the main reasons shipping companies make the switch to heat-treated pallets is that bugs are unable to make their home in heat-treated pallets. The lack of moisture deters pests.


If you are willing to spend more on heat treatment now, you will ultimately save yourself time and money later by increasing your pallet’s life cycle. Our heat-treated pallets provide superior quality and longevity, while being a healthier alternative to chemically treated pallets. With durable construction and pallets that meet standards from the American Lumber Standard Committee, our Dallas Fort Worth customers will not have issues filling orders quickly or in large quantities.

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